Due Diligence and Selection Process

In order to develop and execute the capital market support mechanism, the "Capital Market Support Program" is being implemented in Georgia. The 18-month project is funded by the European Union and is implemented by the EBRD’s Capital & Financial Markets Development team. 

In the II stage of the CMS project, a capital market incentive mechanism was created, which will assist selected companies in capturing the capital market through the issuance of public debt and/or equity securities. The incentive mechanism includes co-financing of securities issues for selected companies.

On September 23, the committee will identify the winning candidates, who will be given a deadline of the end of the 2nd quarter of 2023 to place the security. Upon successful placement and compliance with the program rules, candidates will receive co-financing of issue costs. 

See the attached file for information on selection priorities, voting system, grant disbursement rules, and team composition. 

The program is led by EBRD’s lead contractor, Galt & Taggart, together with BDO Georgia.