Phase II of the Capital Market Support Program - Presentation File

The second phase of the "Capital Market Support Program" was presented at an online meeting on February 17.
See the meeting's presentation file: CMS Phase II - Webinar II.pdf

The CMS program was launched to develop and implement a capital market support mechanism in Georgia. The program is funded by the European Union under the DIGITAL RE4M Program and is implemented by the EBRD’s Capital Markets Development team. 
The program is led by EBRD’s lead contractor, Galt & Taggart, together with BDO Georgia. 
he program is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I was dedicated to researching the possibilities of the Georgian capital market and identifying the barriers that prevent various enterprises from reaching the market.

Visit the link to read the report created during the first stage. 

  • Phase II is concerned with developing a capital market incentive mechanism. This technique entails co-financing the expenses of issuing securities for certain enterprises. Webinars and other instructional initiatives targeted at increasing capital market understanding are also part of the incentive system. Detailed information on the incentive mechanism, including the selection process, deadlines, criteria, and priorities, can be found in the presentation file provided.
  • Final, Phase III involves the use of the program and the created incentive mechanism, which involves facilitating companies’ access to capital markets and making the program operational.