Capital Market Support Program - Phase II

The second phase of the project focuses on creating a capital market incentive mechanism. The mechanism will assist selected companies in capturing the capital market through the issuance of debt and/or equity securities. The incentive mechanism includes co-financing of securities issues for selected companies.

If you want to participate in the project, register at the link.

The registration process will have a duration of one and a half month, and after its completion, a maximum of 10 successful candidates will be selected.

Selected candidates will be given until the end of the second quarter of 2023 to issue public securities. In the event of the successful placement of securities, companies will receive a grant in the amount of approximately GEL 100-200 thousand to cover issue-related costs.

Companies will be selected through a 2-step procedure:

The Capital Market Support Program will also offer applicants educational activities aimed at raising awareness of capital markets. For more information regarding planned educational activities, please refer to the project calendar

During the event, companies will receive practical information about capital markets, based on which they will be able to gain access to the capital market more effectively.